Weight Lifting Strap

Art # 203

Material: neoprene, nylon Size (approx): 36x10,5 cm (L x W) One size fits all. Color: blue, gray, black Features 1. Lined with neoprene shock absorbing padding, which increases stability. 2. Free oppression wrist adjustment. 3. Adjustable Magic stick straps ensure a comfortable fit and stabilization. 4. Support offers comfort throughout the day, protects against scratches and bruises. 5. It helps to treat sprains, strains, arthritis, chronic wrist injury and written spasms. 6. Project according to the thumb root form, will not affect the harmony of holding rod ball, racket, golf clubs and so on. 7. Hole thumb allowing the perfect grip and simply involves the wrist, Maintained in place with a touch and close finish.

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